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Contact Lenses

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Our offices pride themselves on the efficient delivery of your contact lenses and we are using the latest technology to evaluate which types of lenses are best for you. We have in stock trials of most power ranges, including torics, high power minus and plus lenses. If you do not leave with the actual contacts we will try our best to provide a trial to hold you over until the exact lens comes in. Our extensive stock also includes daily lenses, as well as monthly lenses for you to take home that day. We provide the manufactures latest rebates at check out, many of these can save you a significant amount on a year’s supply.

You can rest assured we will promptly exchange any unopened boxes as well as replace any defective lenses should you have any problems with the prescription or with any product quality. Just let us know and we will have a exchange or free trial lens waiting for you. Our staff are experts in making the best use of your vision benefits if you want to use them toward the evaluation of contacts and the materials needed.