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Eyeglass Lenses

Improved Progressives

We use the very best progressive lenses currently available. We have found that there is a real difference in the quality of the optics depending on what 'brand' of progressive lenses are used in your glasses. These lenses have less distortion which make them easier to wear and provide much wider reading areas, and yes, they do cost a bit more than bargain optical products. It is our experience that many people who don't enjoy their progressive lenses do so because of the poor optics provided by cheaply made, mass produced lenses along with an inexact alignment of the lenses on the patient.

In addition many people reject their progressive glasses because of a poor fitting between the frame and lens.  We take the time necessary with our clients to find a frame that fits, looks good, and allows for the proper positioning of the progressive lens. Only afterwards do we take an accurate monocular patient PD and fit height.

Chain optical and discount independent practices use a lower wholesale cost lens to keep their profits high as possible at the expense of your vision. Chain stores have no individual control on ordering the best lens that is appropriate for your Rx.

Depending on your insurance plan and prescription needs we recommend lenses by:

  • Carl Zeiss:
    Famous for producing the some of the world's finest lenses, Carl Zeiss progressives offer great vision through all ranges. Often made right here in Virginia! We have had great results with the Zeiss Individual and their Choice Plus V lenses. Your prescription will often determine which lens is best for you.
  • Essilor:
    The Varilux series of lenses, required by some insurance plans, are some of the finest lenses available today.
It is well worth the extra cost to see sharper all day. We spend too much time using our sight, to not be using a better lens design.